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Suzanne T. Black - Executive Senior Pink Cadillac Sales Director



Completed Fabulous 50’s

Dean’s List

Achieved $300,000, $400,000 & $500,000 Unit Clubs

Currently a Pink Cadillac Qualifier!


MOTIVATED BY: Seeing women grow into the woman God has called them to be. Through their achievements they grow and make dreams become a reality for them and their families!


Growing up Pink I have learned so much!! Much more than makeup. The Mary Kay opportunity had taught me lifelong principles that are applied daily in my families lives.  It's not what's taught, but what is caught.  This business has given our family endless choices. I am forever grateful for saying yes and working from discipline not emotion. So ask yourself what are you doing today to get you closer to where you want to be in 5 years from now.

In Mary Kay you have all that it takes and then some to have all the desires in your heart! 

You are fully equipped to be successful in this forever changing opportunity!!! 

I am thankful to have you part of our team, and am looking forward to seeing your success story be written!!! 


1st Line Offspring Sales Directors

Teresa Martin-Sykola

Senior Premier Club Sales Director

Ashlee Blackard

Senior Premier Club Sales Director

Natalie L. Gongloff

Premier Club Sales Director

Angela A. North

2nd Line Sales Directors

Rachel Naylor

Cadillac Sales Director

Offspring of Teresa M. Sykola


Director in Qualification/Future Director

Audrey Hairston

* Future Director *

Audrey is from Martinsville, VA. She began her Mary Kay business in May 2008.

Team Leader (5+ Active)

Sherry Catron

Sherry is from Basset, VA. She began her Mary Kay business in December 1994.

Cheryl Massey

Cheryl is from Burlington, NC. She began her Mary Kay business in April 1997.

Red Jacket/Star Team Builders (3+ Active)

Lakisha Anderson

Lakisha is from Charlotte, NC. She began her Mary Kay business in May 2009.

Jackie Brown

Jackie is from Mebane, NC. She began her Mary Kay business in May 1988.

Megan Seevers

NEW Red Jacket!!! Megan is from Mebane, NC. She began her Mary Kay business in September 2017.

Paint the town RED as a RED JACKET! It just takes 3 active team member to claim your spot HERE! We are working towards a RED EXPLOSION - will you be a part of the movement?!

Senior Consultants (1+ Active Team Member)

Courtney Allison 

Chrissy Coble

Sandy Fowler

Kathy Fulk Love

Brandy Gentry

Katherine Ingram

S. Dianne King

Mary Neal

Gloria Niblett

Julia Scaletta

Elizabeth Shreve

Jerri Turner

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